My mission is to use photography, video and design to help creative entrepreneurs streamline their vision, develop a body of visual content and a media strategy to get their personal brand noticed online and in the real world.


Hello. Thank you for being here. My name is Ksenia Poulber and I am an artist, photographer, designer and entrepreneur.


Almost a decade ago, I picked up a camera to take photos as I backpacked across Peru. Once I began, I couldn't put the camera down, and continued taking photos as I returned home. The ability to capture beauty and share it with others remains an endlessly fascinating journey.

At first, it was just an experiment: I searched for people that inspired me and took their portraits. It didn't take long for me to notice that a beautiful portrait gave women a sense of validation and possibility. Women became more confident when they saw a portrait that reflected their beauty and character. Often these portraits helped propel careers forward.

Photography became my tool to support women and creative entrepreneurs.  Today, along with portrait sessions, I offer a variety of services and education designed to help creative entrepreneurs reach their professional goals.