Love Out Lavender

Love Out Lavender: Strength and Beauty. photography Ksenia Poulber

This month I joined forces with a Matrix Artistic Educator Amanda Epstein to help raise funds for City of Hope, one of the top cancer research hospitals in the country.

“Someone very close to me, a mother figure, was diagnosed with breast cancer about 6 years ago,” Amanda told me as we sipped tea on a cold Sunday afternoon in my studio.“I don't know anyone who has not been affected by cancer whether directly or indirectly. I've encountered many clients who were in remission and ready to have their hair done for the first time in what must feel like forever. The moment when they look in the mirror and see themselves again, looking beautiful, full of hope, is why I made a commitment to Love Out Lavender.”

Love Out Lavender is an organization created by Matrix Educator Todd Kane that employs the creativity of hairdressers, makeup artists, photographers and other creatives to help raise money in the fight against cancer.

Each individual who wants to participate in raising money picks a colored ribbon to represent a specific kind of cancer or a lavender ribbon to represent all cancers and then creates an image to depict the fundraiser. This year Amanda picked lavender and wanted to create an image that represented both Strength and Beauty. She found her inspiration in ballet. Dancers know what it’s like to work everyday to overcome the limitations of the body, how to cultivate the strength of the spirit and the body and the results are beautiful.

Our model Juliana Missano is a young dancer, who apprentices with Atlanta Ballet. Her mother Anna Sbarro Missano had volunteered her talent for the cause and made a beautiful lavender dress you see on the photographs. With makeup done by Thomas Douglas, this photoshoot was truly done in Love Out Lavender spirit, capitalizing on the creative talents of everyone involved.

To raise funds we are releasing an Exclusive Edition of photographs. We have created three images to represent this campaign, and only 20 prints of each will be available for sale. Different sizes available. Every contribution counts!

Purchase a Print to Make a Pledge in The Fight Against Cancer.

Love Out Lavender: Strength and Beauty. Photography Ksenia Poulber