Classically Trained: An Art Installation by visual artist Ksenia Poulber and classical pianist Ani Gogova

Glenview, IL On March 29th, Terra Sounds presents the works of Ksenia Poulber, a Chicago-based artist and photographer, and Ani Gogova, Bulgarian-born virtuoso classical pianist. The photography and music installation “ Classically Trained” is an abstract study of a female body in space, and the relationship to its surroundings. A music and art experience, this installation is a journey consisting of images of a ballet dancer and musical compositions by Medtner, Brahms, Rachmaninoff and Ginastera exposing a wide emotional range from fragile intimacy to feverishly sweeping passion, and the contrast between tension and flow within the black and white images that are projected alongside the pianist.

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30 cm above the ground...



14th of October, 2013


"Она была совсем молода,

она училась только мечтать..."

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The morning was fresh. The crisp air filled the room. I opened my eyes awaken by the first birthday caller this morning. I'm still getting used to waking up in the city. But I open my eyes, and, sure enough it is my little loft in Chicago. Sure the South Loop is still under developed, and that means a lot when you live in the murder capital of USA, but it has it's definite the view:) the fact that you can rent a loft, and that so many great people are your neighbors. 

"Hello" my mother's voice sounded happily into the phone. "Expect a flower delivery." 

I try to shake off the dreams. I saw my parents, us as a family. I'm still a little girl then. 




Fantasies, Fairytales and Nightmares. CD Cover Photoshoot with Ani Gogova